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Ello Err'body. Welcome to Grappleseed, I'm Sketch.Pleased to have you!

So I had been a freelancer for about a year, when I came to that realization I always come to, I'm
not fast enough! But I wasn't really getting enough of the same kind of jobs to train any skills,
so what I did is I called upon my buddy Håvard. I told him

" I wanna make a comic, so that I can practice inking and coloring faster."

And Grappleseed kind of built from there, nowadays it's anything but, it's probably the biggest
time sink I have haha. But I love every minute of it. And I hope you guys will enjoy reading it
at least half as much as I love creating it, we've got a lot of cool stuff in the works with this
comic, so stay tuned!


Eddie out.

Greetings new readers. I'm Håvard, the writer of this comic.

As Eddie mentioned, he skyped me one day and told me he needed help to ink and color faster, like an incentive in the form of a weekly comic strip. He also told me that he figured he'd ask me to write, since I could probably come up with a more clever concept than a couple of guys talking about videogames. I answered in the smuggest possible way: "yes, yes I can", and proceeded to come up with an idea that quickly spun into an entire expansive comic book universe. I certainly gave Eddie the challenge he asked for, and then some.

And now we are ready to unleash this on the world. We hope you enjoy Grapple Seed, and if you have anything to say, our contact info is in the "about" section. We will also be displaying your fan art in the "extras" section if you send it to

Stay tuned for more Grapple Seed every Friday.


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