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Hey guys! Sorry about this massive delay, been working on balancing my freelance gig that is essentially a day job with working on Grapple Seed and it's tricky but I'm getting there, so I promise it'll get better soon!

I had fun drawing this big goof, his design is actually very similar to Cirrus's original design, except Cirrus's original design was really really awful and puppety looking.

-Eddie out.

Eddie is not the only one to blame though. He's been wanting me to clarify a few things on some pages and I've been way to busy with my school work. The semester will be done in two weeks though, so I'll have more time for comics.

In other news, Eddie and I attended a convention in Sandefjord Norway this weekend where we sold physical copies of Grapple Seed. And we got to meet and chat a bit with the very funny and talented Brentalfloss, as well as the always persistent gamer Jirard the completionist.

Good fun.

Eddie freestyled a bit on the second-to-last panel on this page, with Cumulus's convincing imitation of an attacking armole. If Cumulus knew what Issa had been through just a few hours earlier this would have been a really insensitive thing to do. But he has no idea. And Issa is probably laughing to be polite.


Ok, so I'm just gonna go out and admit that we haven't updated in forever. And we're not going to put out any new pages any time soon either. But fret not! We are not done with Grapple Seed. Far from it. It's just difficult to say when we'll be back right now. But if you'd like to be notofied then go over and like us on twitter or facebook.


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